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Forum: Madden NFL 15 Strategy

General discussion of Madden 15 and Offensive/Defensive Strategies

  1. Sticky Thread Sticky: PS4 & PS3 GamerTags

    Psn: xxkaliraxx time zone: pacific favorite team: THE RAIDERS as Rj said the other thread was too crowded

    Started by xXKALIRAXx‎, 08-10-2010 10:47 AM
    14 Pages
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    • Replies: 196
    • Views: 26,616
    Yesterday, 07:19 PM Go to last post
  2. Sticky Thread Sticky: What Playbook Are You Using?

    I thought it'd be cool to have a thread that asks: "What Playbook Are You Using?" (It can be offense or defense) The rules: Post what playbook you're currently working on, why, what you hope to accomplish. Post when you begin using a new playbook, create a new overall scheme with it...

    Started by sgibs‎, 08-15-2013 03:18 PM
    7 Pages
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    • Replies: 102
    • Views: 18,462
    Yesterday, 07:15 PM Go to last post
  3. Sticky Thread Sticky: Twitter Handles With twitter being so popular I thought i would make a sticky for everyone to share there twitter handles so we can all communicate on the go @sgibs7

    Started by sgibs‎, 06-12-2012 09:34 PM
    8 Pages
    1 2 3 4 5 ... 8
    • Replies: 105
    • Views: 14,122
    11-01-2014, 07:30 PM Go to last post
  4. Sticky Thread Sticky: Testimonials

    Hey Guys, ZFarls and SGibs here, if you have been having success with our prima print or digital products, we would love to hear from you. Bragging is allowed #winning

    Started by ZFarls‎, 07-24-2012 12:29 PM
    5 Pages
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    • Replies: 66
    • Views: 14,512
    10-29-2014, 08:49 PM Go to last post
  5. Sticky Thread Sticky: Forum Rules

    These rules apply to all Forum categories. We take the "Be Polite" rule very seriously. We do not tolerate any rudeness. Members should post in a way that is respectful of other users. Flaming or abusing users in any way will not be tolerated and will lead to a warning. You may not link, in...

    Started by PrimaJamie‎, 09-19-2014 12:53 PM
    • Replies: 0
    • Views: 213
    09-19-2014, 12:53 PM Go to last post
  1. Top 15 plays for PS3 offense and defense playbook. (ZFarls)

    I can't find it. What is it under?

    Started by johntom2000‎, 09-25-2014 09:11 PM
    • Replies: 1
    • Views: 222
    09-26-2014, 08:05 AM Go to last post
  2. Lobbing with MUT team?

    Is it possible to lab with your MUT team? Things that are working in the lab aren't on the field and I think it might be related to my MUT yeam ratings..

    Started by jarmenia‎, 09-26-2014 07:31 AM
    • Replies: 1
    • Views: 85
    09-26-2014, 07:46 AM Go to last post
  3. Saving play book question

    How do you save your play book so you don't have to pick it each time? My custom d is already there, but my non custom o, I have to flip to each time. Last year, after a few games, it would save. Not this year,...but, when I play ppl, I see them on the stock teams book, then with one move, theirs...

    Started by outlander‎, 09-25-2014 07:04 PM
    • Replies: 1
    • Views: 112
    09-25-2014, 10:49 PM Go to last post
  4. Cover3 Defense?

    Cover 3 defensive schemes are seen alot in every playbook in various forms. Is Cover 3 a good defense to use? Is it better for 1st, 2nd down etc. Sorry if this is a dumb post. I really want to know more about defensive plays. For Cover 3 the coverage against the pass seems decent but still leaves...

    Started by Gunslinger‎, 09-19-2014 06:54 PM
    • Replies: 14
    • Views: 797
    09-25-2014, 09:16 PM Go to last post
  5. Forced Camera Toggle ON settings in CFM?

    eat my ***** EA. This is your fix for the desync issues? really?

    Started by bearsfan217‎, 09-24-2014 03:55 PM
    • Replies: 8
    • Views: 410
    09-25-2014, 08:12 PM Go to last post
  6. Cover 3 burned deep... Help?

    Ok, so I play a lot of cover 3 zone. And lately I have been getting burned deep out of it. I know what the problem is but I don't know how to fix it. I've posted this in the last 2 TWIM question threads but haven't gotten an answer yet so hopefully someone here can help me out. When I call...

    Started by HAFFnHAFF‎, 09-25-2014 09:57 AM
    • Replies: 6
    • Views: 290
    09-25-2014, 07:35 PM Go to last post
  7. stopping out patterns.

    Having trouble with out patterns towards sideline . Opponent used smash concept. And also the bench play. How should go about stopping it. ?

    Started by sjgmoney‎, 09-25-2014 01:57 PM
    • Replies: 5
    • Views: 205
    09-25-2014, 05:45 PM Go to last post
  8. How to manually adjust defense before snap?

    Im not talking adjustments to the line, linebackers or secondary but with individual players. When I try to move them to a different spot on the field, as soon as I click off they go back to where they were. I don't see them do this when I watch streams so I was wondering if there's a trick or...

    Started by Hunterup‎, 09-25-2014 02:49 PM
    • Replies: 0
    • Views: 142
    09-25-2014, 02:49 PM Go to last post
  9. Which read option is better?

    Which read option from shotgun spread is better.... the dart read option or the counter read option?

    Started by KidGoon‎, 09-25-2014 08:51 AM
    • Replies: 2
    • Views: 138
    09-25-2014, 01:54 PM Go to last post
  10. Please help anybody

    Hello I've been a madden tips guy and madden player for a while but decent at best. I made an account and this is my first time posting even though I've used the website many times but anyways. This year in madden I started out well but now I just flat out suck I can't move the ball and I can't...

    Started by Believeland‎, 09-25-2014 08:46 AM
    • Replies: 7
    • Views: 211
    09-25-2014, 12:00 PM Go to last post
  11. Cant pass

    how do u pass when people sit in cover 3 all day

    Started by luck365‎, 09-24-2014 02:42 PM
    • Replies: 11
    • Views: 332
    09-25-2014, 08:03 AM Go to last post
  12. why audible on kr?

    Lately I have been seeing people coming out in a return 2 formation of some sort and audibling into kr middle. Why are they doing this? What advantage does it offer?

    Started by JPetro49‎, 09-23-2014 08:56 AM
    • Replies: 3
    • Views: 236
    09-25-2014, 07:36 AM Go to last post
  13. Looking for a legit lab partner

    I'm looking for someone to breakdown playbooks with. Someone who loves the game as much as I do, if that's you than reply. Serious madden players only, thank you! (pS4)

    Started by HaHaPreme‎, 09-16-2014 10:32 PM
    2 Pages
    1 2
    • Replies: 21
    • Views: 363
    09-25-2014, 05:44 AM Go to last post
  14. Lightbulb Got the guide today and got a idea for a custom pb.

    Ok, as you all know each team has a set of plays for that team(best pass D, best run D, best run play, and best passing play) with a few other plays to mix in. I am going take to take the plays from all the teams and make a massive custom playbook for each side of the ball based on the suggests in...

    Started by johntom2000‎, 09-20-2014 12:07 AM
    • Replies: 9
    • Views: 374
    09-25-2014, 03:41 AM Go to last post
  15. Anyone fancy playing an English 'football' fan on a regular basis with mic? (PS4)

    Obviously with the time difference it's hard to be on at the same time. I have had some people off this forum before, but I wasn't getting around to playing and I've had a friends list clean up in between too, so I'll ask again. I'm on usually on every Monday & Wednesday from 18:00-21:00 GMT &...

    Started by PenguinBaggie‎, 09-22-2014 06:41 AM
    • Replies: 10
    • Views: 182
    09-25-2014, 02:44 AM Go to last post
  16. PS3 Man Defense Help

    Hey guys I've had madden 15 on ps3 since it first came out and I still have not found a way to keep from getting beat in man defense. I like calling man D, and call it on almost every play, been calling ever since I started playing madden back in madden 07. Corners I have been using are the...

    Started by Gearman123‎, 09-23-2014 03:33 PM
    • Replies: 2
    • Views: 197
    09-24-2014, 09:49 PM Go to last post
  17. playing a friend online/ keeping stats

    Ps3 platform So here is what i like to do. I am joe. My buddy is justin. So i created a online id name joe_vrs_justin Like wise he would create justin_vrs_joe. And our online battles would begin. BUT How do we play each other in ranked games online ? I know we would not become friends on the...

    Started by jfm0582‎, 09-24-2014 05:18 AM
    • Replies: 3
    • Views: 130
    09-24-2014, 01:51 PM Go to last post
  18. List of presnap adjustments

    Is there a diagram of all the possible presnap adjustments somewhere? I know I can see them before the play but I'd like to print it out and have it in front of me as I'm calling them play so I can refresh my memory.

    Started by jarmenia‎, 09-24-2014 12:43 PM
    • Replies: 1
    • Views: 197
    09-24-2014, 12:48 PM Go to last post
  19. Playbook help

    I plan on using 2 offensive playbooks in madden 15 for online ranked matches, and MUT, for the 360. Right now there are 3 that I really like which are NE, BUF, and PHI. NE playbook is a lock for me, but Im having trouble deciding whether to go with BUF and Phil as my alternate. Both have the gun...

    Started by KidGoon‎, 09-24-2014 08:33 AM
    • Replies: 3
    • Views: 132
    09-24-2014, 09:41 AM Go to last post
  20. Cost of man and zone cvg in CFM

    Why did they raise the cost for DB coverage skills so much? Guys with man or zone in the 60s costs 3000xp to up 1pt. While play recognition and awareness are still under 2000 all the way to 90. This makes no sense to me. Especially when its still pretty cheap to up coverage skills for lbers. If man...

    Started by Gaberox‎, 09-24-2014 02:26 AM
    • Replies: 2
    • Views: 166
    09-24-2014, 09:15 AM Go to last post
  21. Shading Zones Help Please. LOCK UP!!!!

    Last year you could shade zones to one side of the field or the other, and you could see it when you showed the Play Art, the zones would move from left to right, etc.. etc... Particularly I would shade my Cover 4 to the middle, this year I am not having same results, Am I doing something wrong,...

    Started by TheHoneyBadger‎, 09-22-2014 03:40 PM
    • Replies: 5
    • Views: 397
    09-24-2014, 08:34 AM Go to last post
  22. Ravens scheme

    I'm looking to build a scheme from scratch for Madden 15 I play with the Ravens, any recommendations on play books that suit the Raven personnel? On offense, I'm thinking PBs with good plays out of 2 TE formations, as we have 2 pretty decent pass catching TEs in Pitta and Daniels, as well as...

    Started by SL86‎, 09-02-2014 04:25 PM
    • Replies: 5
    • Views: 430
    09-24-2014, 07:11 AM Go to last post
  23. Madden Newb help.

    I'm new to Madden and need some help understanding how practice works. Im on the ps4 and would like to set my D , but the computer always snaps the play in like 3 secs and i have zero time to set up anything. Am I doing something wrong? because all the videos i see people are able to set up the...

    Started by LouieBaLLz‎, 09-23-2014 09:08 PM
    • Replies: 2
    • Views: 153
    09-24-2014, 05:39 AM Go to last post
  24. Miami Dolphins Playbook

    If anybody uses this playbook and wants to disscuss strategy or certain plays or anything of the sort, leave your aim or email so we can talk about it It's a great playbook with great running and passing plays I use it with the Lions and it's a lethal combination

    Started by Mofongo‎, 08-24-2005 10:27 PM
    • Replies: 5
    • Views: 1,177
    09-24-2014, 02:47 AM Go to last post
  25. How to deal with going two TD's down.

    I always lose my head and I just basically throw the match away. I run the ball so I don't turn over easy as well as waste time. In essence I lose faith I will win the game even if it's early on. Can't help it, my head goes! Same goes for a tight game where I feel I've had bad luck...

    Started by PenguinBaggie‎, 09-22-2014 02:30 PM
    • Replies: 11
    • Views: 328
    09-23-2014, 11:58 PM Go to last post


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