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    Sep 2006

    How does progression work exactly?

    Will people progress at random? Does their production matter at all?

    If I have an A potential OL rookie at 85OVR, is there a difference between letting him play, or not play, progression wise? same goes for any position. Should I be giving my potential rookies play time to increase their progression? Or does it not matter at all?

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    Nov 2004
    Production does seem to matter so yes you should give your rookies some time. Potential indicates the ceiling a player is capable of reaching but whether he gets there or not depends on production. What I haven't yet seen evidence for in the next gen version is whether a player is developed by those around them (a OL in a better line developing more quickly) but that seemed to be the case in the previous gen versions.

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    Dec 2009

    Angry More control over progression,

    The last madden game i bought was 7. I liked the training camp in that one because it reminded me of espn2k5...(one of the great games!), but don't get me started on how EA monopolized the NFL.....shame!

    If they are going to 'take over' football, they should at least use a training and progression system similar to Espn2k5. The task scheduler was pretty cool and you could work on different individual aspects of the players. It had everything from weightroom, bicycling, and cross country skiing, to yoga and accupuncture to help develop the players. It's a really great training system...EXCEPT, after scheduling the week's just hit a sim button and it's over.

    That's where Madden 07 comes in, where you take the QBs, kickers, backs, and line aside, choose which ones to develop, and play a mini-game where their progression is dependant on YOUR skill...which is a really cool idea. And what's better, you can save and reload in case you screw up!

    So, ideally, if we are going to have to look to EAsports for our official NFL game, these ideas should be put together in Madden 11 (or patch 10, lol), so us franchise-mode lovers can get our fix and see our great planning come alive on the field.

    After all, like EA says, "It's in the game."

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    Oct 2009
    I've also been curious as to how player progression works. I remember one year I had a rookie running back that ran for 19 touchdowns and almost 1,700 yards on the season, and only progressed two points. Meanwhile I had Miles Austin (79 overall at the time, before recent updates) progressed up to 84 points, and he only had between 700-900 yards and a couple TDs.

    I know age plays a big part on progression, but does it actually matter how well a player does on the season? I've also had some rookies throughout the years, who may have only played a game or two, who have progressed more then my starters. What's up with that?


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