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    Best offense in Madden 13?

    I was having a debate with a friend over the best offense in Madden 13. Teams like the 49ers and Seahawks seem to have the defensive market covered, but which offense is the most effective/toughest to stop in Madden 13?

    Patriots - HoF QB, two great TE's who create major mismatches, Welker and other WR (Lloyd, etc.) are no slouches. (Negative - lack of a great run game)

    Packers - Their #4 WR (James Jones) could be a #1 or #2 on most other teams, Finley has good speed for a TE. The 2011 MVP is throwing the ball to all of them. (Negative - lack of a great run game)

    Falcons - Very good QB, two monsters at WR, a great TE and a somewhat-existant running game with Turner & Rodgers. (Negative - rather straightforward for opposing defenses to gameplan for).

    Texans - Solid QB armed with a stud RB and a stud WR. Pass-catching TE's (and FB), thrive off play-action. (Negative - tough offense to use when playing from behind).

    Any other teams? Whose offense is best? IMO, the Patriots have the (slight) edge. Brady with weapons of all types is scary.
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    Its the patriots and its not even close, at least after the updates. Brady's 90 MAC and DAC dominate every other qb. Gronk big body amazing CIT, welker amazing route running and CIT, Llody amazing jump, spec catch and route running, and hernandez is good at everything. They have the best qb in the game and best receiving core, they being able to rotate demps (98 speed), woodhead (91 speed great receiving stats) and ridley (truck) is more than acceptable. Patriots >

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    pats have a suprisingly good run game dont sleep on it
    Madden 15 best Raider user. #WolfStrong

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    I agree with wolf.

    Woodhead and Ridley are better than most.

    And demps.....


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    ravens pitta dickson boldin smith jones ray rice

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    IMO, the Patriots have the best offense. They have a better passing QB, just as many receiving options as the Packers (Jennings, Nelson, Cobb, Jones vs Gronk, Hernandez, Welker, Lloyd) a better OLine and then, the X factor, Demps.

    The Packers have the number 2 spot and after that it drops off a bit. The 9ers are quickly becoming one of the better offenses with Kaepernick getting updates.

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    Lions might have it.

    Pound for pound best OFFENSE only? I might like the Lions.

    I also like the Saints for that as well

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