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    Realistic All-Madden Sliders (XBox 360)

    I finally got the HOF players to not come into my franchise on XBox 360 and played my entire first season with the Seahawks. I went 12-4 (#2 seed behind the Eagles) and beat the Chargers 20-17 in the Super Bowl. I played this on All-Pro since I am fairly new to the XBox 360 Madden version. I am getting ready to start season 2 but I am wondering if anyone here has some realistic All-Madden sliders for the 360??? I have tried it but it is a little hard and I wanna get some sliders to make it more realistic. I had SOME competition on All-Pro and did not have any key injuries like the Seahawks did in real life, so the outcome was not that surprising (the Chargers killed me 38-16 in the regular season and the Super Bowl came down to a Josh Brown FG with 1:50 left) but I still want more of a challenge. Let me know.

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    here are my suggestions, if your still getting beat now and then on all-pro then you should ease yourself into all madden. i had the same problems and after adopting this strategie i'm now beating the comp every game with sliders on the preset.

    go to your AI and turn up your pass blocking, catching and QB accuracy a few clicks. on defense turn up your awareness up like 5 clicks and tackliing a few

    go to the computers AI and turn every down on offense except QB accuracy 2 or 3 clicks depending on how good you are. do the same on defense except awarness.

    this allows you to have a realistic interaction the awareness on all madden while still being able to run the ball and make a mistake or two throwing the ball. as you get more confident slowly turn the computers AI up. once the computer AI are at all presets then start turning yours down.

    get good with the cone, you cannot turn it off. if you throw a ball without the cone on the receiver there is a good chance he will not know the ball is coming and run by it.

    goodluck, lemme know how it works for ya


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